Continuous Marking Menus

Contact : Eric Anquetil, Adrien Delaye, Pei-yu Li

Before being able to use pen-based interfaces or finger-based interfaces, user has first to get familiar with the vocabulary of gestures, but gestures are not self-revealing by nature and can be difficult to memorize. A way to assist the user in memorizing the gestures is to use the idea of marking menus : by repetitively exploring a hierarchical pie menu (in the “novice mode”), user will get familiar with the gestures that can directly trigger the desired commands (in the “expert mode”). Continuous Marking Menus were specifically designed so as to optimize the quality of the resulting “expert mode” gestures. The continuous visual feedback and the fluency in menu exploration invite the user to execute cursive and constraint-free gestures, thus resulting in more natural and realistic expert mode gestures.


Adrien Delaye, Rafik Sekkal, Eric Anquetil. Continuous Marking Menus for Learning Cursive Pen-based Gestures. In Proceedings of the 15th international conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2011), 2011.

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